Spray Tan Machine Aura Allure Xena



The Allure Xena sprayer is strong on the inside and radiant on the outside. It has the deluxe Xena click & tan gun with metallic highlights, to match the compact glossy turbine, making it perfect for salons and spas.



  • Click & tan – Click & tan technology for quick interchange of solution shades. No contamination of the gun, saves time and money.
  • Satin spray nozzle technology – Finest atomization for perfect coverage, a smooth feeling on the skin and low overspray.
  • Fine & precise flow control – The solution dial has been especially designed for the tanning market and gives 0-0.50ml of solution control.
  • Click & tan dryer – Disconnect front end of gun from handle to reveal savvy tan dryer. No need to detach the hose, more professional, more practical. Gun stands with hose connected.
  • Flawless spray patterns – Vertical, horizontal and now contouring spray patterns. Contouring is perfect for muscle definition shading.
  • 1-2-3 easy clean nozzle – Simplest gun in the market to clean. 3 removable pieces, easy to put back together, no chance of assembling incorrectly. Strong non-removable tapered needle.
  • Non-clog technology – Solution pick up tube with teeth and concave cup internals prevent intermittent spraying, allowing solution to always flow.
  • New click & tan gun – Deluxe gloss black body with metallic gold highlights, combining the best of tanning gun technology proven in the market.
  • Stylized salon design – Polished black surfaces and a glittering finish give this machine a lavish feel of glamour, class and opulence.
  • Detailed feminine design features – ON/OFF dial designed with the end-user in mind. Prevents breaking of beauty nails, unlike push switches.
  • Whisper quiet turbine – Less noise allows more flexibility for salons, spa’s and training schools. You can now listen to your customers and students.
  • Lightweight turbine with cable management – Compact, feminine and easy to store away, with a practical, first to the market cable management feature.
  • Retractable carry handle – Unique hidden handle sits neatly within the design of the turbine and draws up to aid in storing and moving the machine.
  • Gun holder – Machine can be moved with the gun docked. No spillages, no need for extra hands. All in one storage solution.
  • Ingenious filtration system – Overspray is channelled behind the side panel and directed into the filter hidden underneath the unit.
  • Power source: 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Power con­sump­tion: 280 W
  • Noise rat­ing: 75.5 dB
  • Hose: 3.5 m
  • Cup volume: 200 ml
  • Weight: ap­prox. 1.6 kg


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